Action Strategy Planning Session

Imagine your staff working diligently as a team on your companyís biggest issues to develop a plan ó brainstorming, developing a plan of action, and working together for a common cause. What would that mean to your organizationís bottom line if they executed those plans? Thatís what the Action Strategy Planning Session can do for your organization.

Our Action Strategy Planning Sessions are focused on accountability and execution. Our format works effectively in any size organization. Our most powerful testimonials come from successful organizations who are growing fast and need to focus on improving the structural performance of the organization. We are especially experienced at working with overworked business owners. Our process creates teamwork, buy-in, and empowers team members at all levels to take ownership in the organization.

Perfect for an annual planning retreat, this program is available in a half-day or full-day format. We pull topics from our training programs that reinforce the retreat activities. Choose topics such as customer service, communication, marketing, teamwork, and more.

The Action Strategy Planning Session is like no other retreat program youíve attended. It delivers results because team members are engaged in the process. It delivers return on investment because team members identify and tackle the organization's most pressing needs.

If teamwork, ownership, and peak performance are important to your organization, contact us!

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