Kristine Sexter

Kristine Sexter has the proven credibility, experience and high-energy that engages her audiences in highly memorable and effective training experiences. Her programs consistently provide a balanced approach to learning through common sense concepts, combined with innovative approaches and humor. Ms. Sexter is a professional speaker, workshop trainer, columnist, and author, working for companies of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500, as well as trade and professional associations across the country.


Kristine works with organizations to dramatically increase performance and productivity by recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent.

Developing the Best and the Brightest

Educational and entertaining strategies for developing an organization’s most essential asset: It’s people!

  • The Top Five Characteristics of Wildly Successful Leaders
    Caution: It Gets Really Wild!
    Ask about the “wild” secret of this program!

  • A Humorous Approach to The Modern Work Ethic
    Reliability, The New Corporate Dress Codes, and The Art of Communication Skills
    #1 Most Requested Keynote

  • The Honor of Leadership
    Managing the Challenges of Modern Leadership and Stardom

  • Suited for Success: End of An Era of Spandex and Jeans
    8 Steps to Re-designing Workplace Dress Codes

  • Why Teambuilding Skills Are Still Essential
    Winning Ways With Co-workers

  • The Wonder of Difficult People
    How Everyone Wins When Conflict Arises

Retaining the Best

Proven approaches for keeping top talent.

  • Organizations of Choice
    Simple Ways to Make Your Company, Organization or Association One Where Top Talent Wants to Be!

  • The Top 50 Low (and No) Cost Recognition and Retention Strategies
    It’s Not About Money

  • Recapturing Lost Stars and Letting Fallen Stars Go
    How to Get the Best to Come Back and When It’s Best to Let Some Stars Go

Recruiting Top Talent, Customers, or Members

Vibrant, compelling and highly effective! Considered confidential by executive headhunters, these methods are discussed in detail using real-life scenarios and role-playing scripts! These are engaging, jam-packed sessions!

  • Top 100 Recruiting and Retention Strategies!
    #1 seminar program five years running! A high-energy program bursting with over-the-top content and new ideas!

  • Secrets Revealed!
    The Real Methods of Headhunters

  • The Top Six Most Effective Interview Questions Ever Asked!
    These Questions Reveal If You Are Interviewing a Star!



Beyond explosive! Seldom does one have the opportunity to partner with, and glean from, a person that has the combined perspectives of having practical application experience, academic credentials, professional accomplishments, the ability to weave humor and stories to bring about behavior change with others. Kristine Sexter is by far one of the top keynote/breakout content application professional speakers I have ever known!”

Jeffrey L. Magee, PhD, CMC, PDM, CSP
President, JMI

“Without a doubt you are the best trainer with whom I have ever worked! Your energetic attitude, attention to detail and making sure everyone is taken care of was second to none. Your phenomenal program, ‘The Top Five Characteristics of Wildly Successful People,’ is still being talked about today by our employees!! What better compliment could you receive on training than to have 450+ employees continue to talk about it well after the event?!”

Starla Hale, Corporate Communications
Tinker Federal Credit Union

“I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds, people and presenters of our time. Ms. Sexter delivers compelling perspectives on employment with poise and professionalism. Kristine Sexter has a vital message that everyone and every organization must hear!

Jim Stovall, President
Narrative Television Network

“Outstanding! You are the finest, most talented speaker I have ever heard! Every level and specialty of medical professional would benefit from your programs! You yourself, are a ‘star’ just like those you focus upon in your work!”

Scott H. Sexter, MD, FAAFP
Her biased, yet honest, husband


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