Scott Huse

Scott is a high-energy sales and marketing professional who brings his experience in life and business to the platform to inspire his audiences. He is a perfect fit to wake up an association meeting.

Serving the business and academic communities, Scott Huse offers keynote presentations and life coaching.


Scott blends activities with a great message in the programs he presents to business and educational professionals.

For certain programs, Scott conducts pre-presentation interviews with select team members. Through this investment, Scott discovers lives you have touched and offers these interviews as gifts to your team. These interviews are a heart-touching means by which each participant comes to understand that each of us has a purpose to fulfill in life.

Go Make a Difference!

Audience: Business

Organizations strive to have the best people on their teams. As individuals, do they understand each other’s personalities? What are their goals for the company and themselves? Do they desire to develop personally? People are looking to make their mark in this life but many have lost their focus and passion. The goal “Go Make a Difference!” is to inspire your team to stretch themselves to become great.

21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Audience: Business

Without implementing the principles of success, the money will not follow. Increase productivity and commitment. Develop a focused team and ignite the fire within. Set the goal to implement this seminar to move your team forward. This seminar is ideal for sales and marketing teams, business owners, managers, agents, brokers and anyone striving to become better.

Parental Involvement

Audience: Educators

Safety, security and father participation. Is it a dream or reality? What works and why? Scott has successfully launched programs that meet these needs for all schools. Immediate parental participation, low cost and results = SUCCESS.

Even your C, D, and F Students Want to Say, “Thank You”

Audience: Educators

This is a unique opportunity for Scott to relate to your audience of administrators, faculty, and staff. As a below average student through high school, Scott will help to focus your team on finding hope and potential within your students by creating positive relationships with them. Scott strives to energize and renew your team’s spirit for positively impacting the youth of America.



“His inspiring message and enthusiasm for life brought renewed spirit to my team. I was especially impressed with Scott’s ability to personalize the presentation by giving testimonials of individuals within my team that have touched the lives of others. The renewed energy and motivation of our team has proven to be a great return on investment.”

Tanya Jacobs
Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

“The audience participation was the highlight of the conference. Your message “Go Make a Difference” made an impact on the entire audience. I heard nothing but positive comments after the meeting.”

Terry M. England
Arkansas Gas Association

“One fundamental and central difference in Scott Huse’s inspirational presentation…is the fact that several individuals are formally recognized for their contribution to the organization ... having provided a unique, significant, and valuable service, in some manner or capacity…which lends itself to providing a very emotional, heartfelt, and opportune moment.”

Cindy Pearson
Springdale School District

“You were just the spark that our team needed. Moreover, I think that this just may be a spark that will not simply burn away like so many other things can.”

Dave Strong
Restaurant Management Group

“By delivering a message of “Go Make a Difference,” you did exactly that….your presentation exceeded all my expectations. You are truly blessed with a gift…I am certain that your message was successful not only in reminding those of us who had forgotten, but also in awakening that ability in those who have never tapped into that potential in their lives.”

Hank Henderson
America’s Car-Mart

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