Teamwork Advantage

Got a program or product that you need to get done right away? Teamwork Advantage is a new kind of leadership and life skills program that is focused on execution and speed of delivery. It will take your team from concept to completion on your toughest projects.

Over several sessions, we lead action-packed sessions focused on your project, capitalizing on the opportunity to discuss lessons learned during the process ó effective communication, team development and team work, innovation, integrity, and problem-solving.

Through the process, the team learns important skills they can use on future endeavors ó project management, strategic planning, financial stewardship, and presentation skills. This is no theory program. This is hands-on, real-time, real world, real people, learning to make a real difference in your organization. At the end of the three module program, you have a completed project produced in record time that delivers value to your company.

Who should participate? You choose. Assemble of group of managers from different areas or choose a team that works together on a daily basis. Any group will come away with a deeper appreciation and understanding for the skills and talents of the others in the group.

What kind of project can you choose? Itís up to you. Maybe you need to develop a new product, create a new customer service program, or create a fund-raiser for your organization.

Build Your Own Program

The program is packaged in modules so you can purchase just the ones you need. Please contact us for a customized assessment and quote.

Module 1: Strategy

Objective: Identify project components, set goals, and develop the timeline.
Session length: Four hours

Module 2: Understand Your Customer

Objective: Depending on the project, this can include a focus group, survey, or customer research.
Session length: Two to three hours
Options: We offer the opportunity to bring in a contractor if your project demands high-end, premium customer research. We have a preferred supplier who can deliver focused research to ensure the greatest success of your project.

Module 3: Execution

Objective: In a series of sessions with assignments and update presentations and creative discussion, the program moves from concept to completion.
Session length: Number of hours varies with the project but generally 24 to 30 hours of time broken into four to six hour sessions with at least two days between each one.
Add the option to incorporate Microsoftģ Project training through our preferred supplier to enhance your teamís effectiveness.

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