Andy Core

Andy Core is a healthy-lifestyle realist who teaches principles that help people feel the way they want to feel, look the way they want to look, and enjoy the comforts of a healthy body. And by doing this he helps organizations build teams that cost less, have better attitudes, and accomplish more.

His programs appeal to professional, special-interest, and nonprofit organizations and as well as for-profit companies.


If you looking for a speaker who can help your people beat stress and become healthier, happier and more productive, then Andy can help you.

SuperCharge Your Lifestyle

How to Do More with Less and Live to Tell About It

This program will teach you how to SuperCharge your mental and physical energies, beat stress, and be at your best when you need it most. The result? You will feel better, miss work less, and be more productive than ever before.

Sales Energy

Powering Up Your Sales Performance

This program is perfect for sales professionals. It will teach your people how to capture more opportunities, miss work less, and build a healthy attitude. This is done by increasing:

  • Sales STAMINA – The ability to stay revved up as your competitors run out of gas
  • Sales INTENSITY – The capacity to be “in the zone” during peak selling opportunities
  • Sales RESILIENCY - The power to burn through the stress of a crazy busy lifestyle

Spreading the Health Virus

Winning the Battle for a Healthy Lifestyle

Spreading the Health Virus is a high energy health leadership program designed to infect your people with a healthy lifestyle. After this program they will know how to beat stress, energize their health and effectiveness, and most importantly, make healthy living infectious in the people they serve. This program will also teach them how to:

  • Be more productive, rarely sick, and project a high energy and noticeably healthy appearance
  • Upgrade their lifestyle so they can be at their best when your patients need them most
  • Be positive and resilient to the stress of working in healthcare
  • Increase physical activity, beat back pain, and look a lot better
  • Eat for more focus, energy, and to increase afternoon productivity by 47% or more
  • Cultivate healthy, motivated people whose infectious energy stimulates others to live healthier

Stress Right (Keynote)

Capitalizing on the Stress of a Crazy, Busy World

This is high-energy self-help that works. We’ll use real science, real experience and real fun to help you beat the stress of a crazy, busy world. Can you do it? You bet. Learning to Stress Right will enable you to:

  • Take four “must do” steps that turns stress into positive energy
  • Maximize your adrenaline and manage it so you do not “hit the wall”
  • Significantly reduce the desire to strangle people and the hormone that causes that feeling
  • Beat stress eating and other negative thought related patterns
  • Keep family and friends happy when you are busy
  • Systemize your lifestyle so making healthy choices are on autopilot


“I recently had the pleasure of having Andy Core speak at our National Food Service sales meeting. I was a little reluctant to introduce a topic such as wellness to a group of generally ‘unfit’ sales people that travel full time and usually prove to be an extremely hard sell. The group was very skeptical knowing what the session was to be about, but that quickly changed. Andy’s presentation was one of the best that I have seen-regardless of the topic. His ability to grab the attention of the audience immediately and keep the tone light and informative was very impressive. He was able to translate very scientific information into a format that was easy to understand, interesting, and practical for the everyday person. I believe that everyone left the seminar with a new and improved outlook on their health and fitness. I would recommend Andy’s seminar to anyone that cares, or should care, about their health.”

Devin Cole, Director of Sales
Tyson Foods, Inc.

“We were honored to have Andy Core at our new ‘fitness and wellness-based’ resort, Beaches Grande Sport in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The After Vacation, Then What?!, Real Wellness for Real Women, and Professional Golf Conditioning seminars were well-attended by both guests and staff. Andy’s energy and presentation were fabulous! We have extended an open invitation to Andy to present at our resort at any time he would like. I highly recommend his programs to everyone!”

Todd Hewitt, Executive Assistant Manager, Beaches Grande Sport

“Dear Andy, after your presentation I thought ‘he’s right!’ No longer is exercise subordinated to other things; it ranks as high as work on my priority scale. This is a big accomplishment for me. I now know there is definitely time in the day to take care of myself. Thank you!”

Dina Wood, Attorney and Realtor
 Coldwell Banker Faucette Realty

“Andy, your program was extremely effective. The simplicity of it was a perfect match for the busy lifestyles of the folks in our office. The program helped ‘sort out’ the facts from the fiction around health and wellness and helped focus on those key/prioritized areas that would have the most LONG-TERM impact on our health. This program positively affected my performance at work, primarily because I noticed an increased energy level THROUGHOUT the day. I look forward to the Wellness Challenge RELOADED.”

Ed Huber, Wal-Mart Team Leader
The Clorox Company


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