Bob Oros, CSP

Bob Oros has consulted with over 4,000 business owners, trained sales people in all 50 states as well as many foreign countries, and is the author of More Gross Profit — How to Increase Your Sales and Gross Profit Starting Immediately.

Bob’s programs are beneficial to every individual or executive who has profit and loss responsibility.

More Gross Profit

Psychological laws of selling and persuasion resulting in
more sales
more profits 
new accounts
more customers
better contracts.

This program is designed for everyone who runs a for-profit enterprise regardless of whether you have been in business for 20 months or 20 years!

Available as a one-hour keynote, breakout session, or half-day workshop.

To ensure lasting results and maximum return on investment, Bob’s program Includes a 15-month reinforcement program.


“Within hours after the Bob Oros program, one of my regional managers reported a savings of over $5,000 on a contract he was working on. Another reported an increase in gross profit of $1,800, also within hours of the seminar!”

John Boylan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Berks Packing, Reading, PA

“It was obvious the attendees were riveted to you from start to finish. They responded enthusiastically to your humor and entertaining stories. Our entire sales force enjoyed the time you spent with them, we received many notes of thanks for a great meeting and speaker. Thank you Bob Oros.”

Jon Myers, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Sysco, Grand Rapids

“An old Chinese proverb says: ‘A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.’ After our meeting, the feedback from our sales force is the session you did for us was worth a whole year of studying! It is very rewarding to offer a session to the sales force that they can ‘sink their teeth into’ and hit the streets with something to fall back on when faced with those frightful obstacles that seem to get in the way of their goals. Thank you, Bob Oros.”

Randy Yerges
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Sysco, St. Louis

“Your enthusiasm and energy has created quite a “buzz” within the company and I am already beginning to see “immediate” overall results stemming from your session. From the moment I started working with you, I knew that I had located the individual that could help make a difference. Your pre-meeting preparedness, program execution and delivery was all very professionally done. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Jeffrey Jeppesen
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Nicholas and Company Salt Lake City

“The success of our conference was largely attributable to the extremely high quality of your Bob Oros Sales and Negotiating presentation. Having a sales trainer of your caliber with specialized experience in the distribution industry was invaluable to our staff. It has been less than two months and already we have started to notice the difference.
Here are the results from your presentation.
1. Our sales people are aware of different sales techniques and are experimenting with them.
2. They have a greater motivation to become better at their job.
3. They have an excellent resource (your manual) that they can refer back to.
4. And even better, we have seen an increase in margin!”

Nigel Boswell, Managing Director
Crean Foodservice, New Zealand

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