Maxie Carpenter

Professional Speaker, Author, and Consultant

Maxie Carpenter is recognized for his expertise in the areas of human resources, training and communications, and operations. During a 27-year retail career at both the field and corporate level, he pioneered simple, relevant, and compelling operational processes, and assisted in the origination and implementation of mentoring, succession planning, and people measurement processes that, at the time, helped identify the largest retailer in the world as the “best-in-its-class.” Maxie is also recognized as an accomplished public speaker and an authority on the subject of organizational culture and how it defines the success or failure of organizational initiatives. His expertise also extends itself to benefits, governmental affairs, diversity management, strategic planning and development, organizational structure, policy and procedure, legal affairs assessment, business counseling, business plan origination, and capital acquisition.

As a former member of the Food Advisory Board of Western Michigan University, and the Board of Trustees of The University of Texas-Pan American, the largest Hispanic university in the nation, he acted as an advisor, and conference and classroom speaker to the academic community, representing interests relevant to curriculum, recruitment, and life-enrichment. As a current member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Collegiate Business Education, he works to bridge the gap between the academic and corporate communities relevant to the educational initiatives required to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace. As a co-founding member of the first charter school in the state of Arkansas, he works to bridge the gap between traditional public school administration and the need for alternative educational resources that will meet the needs of students who can’t survive in a one-size fits all educational environment.

As former volunteer Chairman of the Corporate Committee and current business advisor for the Circle of Life Hospice & Palliative Care of Northwest Arkansas, he is actively involved in assisting non-profits with fund-raising efficiencies, business meeting productivity, organizational structure, and staff management.

As a former volunteer counselor for the Small Business Association of Counselors (SCORE), he identified the need for a higher degree of affordable, corporate expertise that would support the kind of business planning, development, training, and mentoring needed by the individual entrepreneur and small-business market, which has become the client market of choice for his business pursuits.

Maxie is also the author of I Didn’t Ask You to Dance! I Asked You to Talk!, “a common sense, humorous, and at times spiritual approach to communication in a world obsessed with political correctness.”

Maxie and his family are members of Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas, where he is actively involved in cell group leadership and Quest for Authentic Manhood seminar facilitation.

150-word Version of Maxie’s Bio

Maxie Carpenter is recognized for his expertise in the areas of human resources, training, communications, and store operations. During a 27-year career with Wal-Mart Stores, he pioneered programs specific to creating simple, relevant operational processes. He assisted in the creation and implementation of mentoring, succession planning, and people measurement processes that classified Wal-Mart as world-class relevant to the depth and quality of its management pool and the retention of its workforce. He was one of the Wal-Mart success stories who worked his way up in the company. He retired as Vice President, People Division, Wal-Mart Supercenter Division.

He is recognized as an authority on the subject of corporate culture. His broad range of experience extends to corporate benefits, profit sharing, governmental affairs, public relations, diversity, strategic planning, policy and procedure as well as litigation as a subject matter expert.