Books on Networking from Peter Biadasz

Peter Biadasz shares his secrets to successful networking group relationships and leadership. If you want to take your networking transactions to the next level, check out these two books.

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More Leads

The Complete Handbook for Tips Groups, Leads Groups, and Networking Groups

This book is the ultimate guide for people who lead and participate in networking groups. It will show you how to get more leads from your networking group (Would 1,500 leads help your business?)

In addition, it will end the frustration that you have with your networking group. It shows you how to be a complete networker.

Are you a networking group leader? More Leads will equip you to lead your networking group effectively.

It includes meeting topics and handouts your group can use for years. If you want to become like a lead magnet, read this book. It will be the best thing  you have ever done for your life as a networker.

Paperback, 130 pages, $14.95

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Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers

Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers not only gives you all the tools that you need to be a powerful networker, in both your personal and professional lives, but also shows you how to develop these tools.

Each day you are presented a quote from a person of power and are challenged to make that quote come alive to you by completing a short exercise. The presentation on each page is both inspirational and practical.

By the time you complete the book you will be a more dynamic networker and have a greater circle of influence having fortified your strengths, and minimizing, if not eliminating, your weaknesses.

Paperback, 216 pages, $18.95

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About the Author

Peter Biadasz has been working with networking groups since 1989 as president, consultant, and as a very active member. The groups that Peter works with experience an increase in the quality and quantity of leads received an increase in the number of group members and a true excitement for networking.

He is also the author of More Leads and Powerful People are Powerful Networkers. Both books are published by IUniverse. For more information, visit his web site at

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