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We provide speakers, trainers, and consultants with high-quality book publishing services and marketing support materials that position them as experts in their field.

Equipped with over 21 years of publishing experience, Soar with Eagles is a perfect choice to assist you in your book project. Whether itís planning your book, ghost-writing, editing, design and illustration, or publishing the finished product, weíre your source for publishing expertise.

Soar with Eagles provides book publishing services to authors. Weíre not in the business to publish everyone that comes along ó our goal is to publish a few select authors and follow them through the process from concept to promotion of the finished product. Click here for more information.

More Profit Per Book

There are thousands of publishers. We compare our finished product and pricing to others publishers and we haven't found one yet that can deliver more profit to the bottom line than we do for speakers who will sell most of their books at their speaking engagements.

If you plan to be actively involved in the sales and promotion of your book through back-of-the-room sales and online sales, we could be the right publisher for you ó that is if more profit per book sale counts.

Today is the Day! Book Planning Power Session

Got a book inside of you? This program will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to write your book. Today is the Day! takes you from concept to structured outline of your book. While other people are still talking about that book they want to write, you'll be on your way to writing your book. Click here for more information.

We Provide Marketing Tools and Product Development Support Too!

Books donít sell themselves. They must have a focused promotion strategy. We consider book marketing through every step of the publishing process. Because an authorís idea can take many shapes, we help them think outside the bookClick here for more information.

Aspiring Author Seminar

Our Aspiring Author Seminar helps authors learn the process of taking a book from the idea to the shelf. Carrie partners with author and retail consultant, Maxie Carpenter, President of MVC Advisory Resource, Inc. (  to teach this program. Click here to see the full description.

Consulting Services for Publishing Groups

Are you living from deadline to deadline? Do you want to increase your readership and reduce your costs? We work with publishing groups to review their processes, set goals, and implement changes that will improve the quality of their publications, earn respect of their leaders, and increase interest from their audience. Click here for more information.

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