A Taste of War

An Infantry Platoon Leader’s Recollections of a Year in Vietnam

The Vietnam War left physical and emotional scars on thousands of military families. Over 304,000 United States military personal were wounded in action. Over 48,000 paid the ultimate price with their life fighting for a country they loved.

A Taste of War appeals to the the military veteran who remembers the experience or the person who simply wants to view the war through the eyes of a veteran who lived it.

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Memories of a Vietnam Veteran

Sharing the loneliness, uncertainties, leadership challenges, boredom, and a small taste of the horrors of war, Powell reluctantly recalls calling artillery fire upon the enemy and the never-to-be-forgotten sounds of bullets whizzing by and of jet aircraft streaking overhead to save the lives of his men.

From his first night to his last days in Vietnam, routine assignments suddenly became life threatening. Time and time again, death stalked. Yet time and time again, the men of the Second Platoon faced death and rode away. Death was not to be denied. One day and in seconds, 10 men of the Second Platoon began their journey home in a flag-draped coffin.

Paperback, 174 pages, $13.95
July 2006

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What Others Say about This Book

“A Taste of War is a story that needs to be told. Powell shows us that even a small taste of war is horrible. I pray that this book and other similar recollections will cause world leaders to think twice before starting the mad rush to war and the death and destruction it brings.”

Jesse M. Coker, EdD, Second Lieutenant U.S. Army Author of My Unforgettable Memories of World War II

“I read A Taste of War Sunday night – basically in one sitting (so I was up until 2am). It was emotionally moving and intellectually stimulating, overall — impactful. In addition, your clear ways of ‘painting the pictures’ without being overly crude or gory worked – in spite of how crude and gory war is. Knowing you personally added deeper meaning to the war and the book. Thanks for the book and the personal note inside the cover.”

Paul Kirpes, President and CEO
TPG Companies: TPG Management Consulting
TPG Philanthropy Group

“We never talked much about his war experiences. Instead, we went on walks together, and discussed our families, our fears, and our faith. Whether the military honed his leadership or it came from somewhere else, he was a community leader and well respected in the nonprofit sector.
Both Cora and I read your book right thru. She commented that your book was well-written, easy reading. I particularly enjoyed it for the day-to-day, patrol-to-patrol presentation of your war as a young Christian officer. This is the type of presentation difficult to find especially of Vietnam. "Apocalypse Now" and "The Dear Slayer" certainly don't help.”

George D. Belcher COL, MC, USAF Ret

“I knew him as a professional and community leader — not as a Vietnam veteran. He inspired others and then applauded their achievement.”

Chris Vernon, MAS, President, The Vernon Company

“I took A Taste of War on our trip to Sweden and I read your every word. I thank you for the book and I thank you for sharing your story. I hadn’t realized that you had experienced so much, Bill, nor had I realized the “hell” of it all. I think that no one can know, unless they ‘live it’. You are helping many to ‘know’ a little more. Thank you very much.”

Lee Zmolek, Maytag Corporation (retired) and past chair of the Board of Directors for Progress Industries and the PI Foundation

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About the Author

William H. Powell, MA, CFRE was raised in Kansas City, MO. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, he entered graduate school at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. For five years, he and his wife, Marilyn, were house parents and worked with troubled teenage boys. He served as CEO of Class, Ltd. in Kansas and Progress Industries in Iowa for a total of 28 years. During his career, he developed expertise in fund-raising and nonprofit leadership. He now consults part time. He and Marilyn reside in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

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