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The Transactions e-book is a section of Carrie Perrien Smith’s new book entitled Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy. It combines her extensive work on building lifelong business relationships, networking, and communication.

Currency was released in October 2008 and can be purchased through the Soar with Eagles bookstore. Visit to preview sample chapters and purchase the book.

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Looking for Networking Groups in Northwest Arkansas?

Northwest Arkansas’ grass roots networking groups have changed the way business is done here. The original group is the Rogers Friday Coffee and it was founded in May 2002. They are free and open to anyone — even job searchers. If you want to network with other business people, these groups are a great place to start. They are not unaffiliated with the local chambers of commerce but the chambers who care about small business are actively involved.

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Looking for a Job or an Employee?

Looking for a Job or an Employee? Job searchers, recruiters, and hiring managers are always welcome.