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Volume 3, Issue 1

Effective Strategies is devoted to sharing ideas that can improve your business performance. Last issue, we discussed the gifts of networking. This issue, we look at the importance of the winning attitude. If you missed the last issue, click here to read it.

Mastering the Winning Attitude

Be Someone People Canít Wait to Do Business With

Business isnít always good and everyone knows it. Professional speaker Sarah Victory suggests responding to questions about how business is going with, ďBusiness is incredible!Ē even if itís incredibly slow. You must look and act as if you are the biggest success story in the world even you donít feel like one at the moment. People want to do business with a winner.

In addition, never say anything bad about your competitors. No one likes to hear negative comments about another business, and it only hurts the person who makes the negative comment.

Low self-esteem is exposed when people network. When business people donít visibly believe in themselves, their abilities, and their company, no one else does either. Few people talk about the effects of low self-esteem on professional success, however, itís a very real factor. Iím a SCORE counselor (Service Corps of Retired Executives ó Counselors to Americaís Small Business, www.score.org), and I see examples of the impact of high and low self-esteem on businesspeople every day. An otherwise knowledgeable business owner may not be able to weather the ups and downs of running a small business because of their low self-esteem and poor sense of personal well-being. Competent people with high self-esteem often rise to the top. People want to do business with confident individuals.

What should someone do if they have low self-esteem? Here are a few tips.

Once someone with low self-esteem experiences some success and makes some friends, they will overcome the huge impact that low-esteem can have on their business.

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