Wise Words for Smart Teens

The Teenager’s Guide to a Great Life

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A Book for Teens That Adults Will Love

This book was written specifically for teens. However, others who watch breathlessly as the teens they love prepare to step across the threshold to adulthood will love this book.

Teachers, parents, pastors, and other family members will find the stories, advice, and lessons that will take them back to the unforgettable experiences of teenage life.

Use this book as a resource as you craft the conversations that you will have with your own children someday. Understand that the most important legacy you leave is the treasure trove of lessons you accumulate over the years. Wise Words for Smart Teens is a collaborative project by More Success Experts.

Seventeen veteran teenagers were asked what they learned from those tough years right before they transitioned to adulthood. This book is the product of the wisdom gained from those years of experience.

Paperback, 272 pages, $20.00
July 2007

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