If You Donít, Who Will?

Making the Most of the Time We Give to Charity

Non-profit organizations are a place where volunteers can serve causes they are passionate about in roles of great responsibility that make a significant impact in their community. This program addresses the importance of recruiting, managing, and motivating volunteers, leaders, and non-profit organizations so that the organization, its clients, and the community thrive.

Target Audience: The program is designed for leaders of non-profit organizations such as executive directors, board members, or committee leaders.

Format: 30-minute to 45-minute keynote address

Program Topics

Attributes of a Winning Volunteer

Discover the importance of passion, attitude, purpose, and strong time management skills to your role as volunteer.

Attributes of a Winning Leader

What do servant-leadership, customer focus, congruency, risk-taking, restoration, and relationship skills all have in common? They are attributes of a winning leader. Find out why no great organizational leader should operate without them.

Attributes of a Winning Organization

An organizationís leaders create the foundation and set the pace. Learn why stewardship, family values, a sense of community, and fellowship are cornerstones in the culture of the organization.

The Value of Running Your Non-Profit Organization Like a Business

A solid organization recognizes the value of business components such as a strategic, marketing, communication, and financial plans. Find out why you risk losing your ability to serve your clients if you fail to run your non-profit organization like a business.

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