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We work with people who organize meetings and book speakers. They hire us to provide the right speakers and provide an unforgettable meeting experience.

Soar with Eagles is your source in Arkansas and the surrounding states for speakers who can deliver a motivating keynote address to your attendees at your conference, convention, or corporate meeting. The right guest speaker can make your event extraordinary and leave your audience talking about it for years to come.

Informational programs such as meeting keynote speeches and brown bag lunch seminars can reinforce the message that supports your organizationís mission and strategy. Most speakers are available more consulting assignments as well.

Speakers We Recommend

Check out our list of speakers. If you have a particular speaker or type of message in mind that isnít on our list, let us know what you are looking for. Weíll locate them! Our affiliations with professional speakers and organizations throughout the country provide us with the unique opportunity to help you locate the perfect speaker for your conference, convention, or corporate meeting.

Maxie Carpenter

Leadership Development, Corporate Culture, and Communication

After a career with Wal-Mart that spanned close to three decades that took him from entry level to the executive role, Maxie is a recognized expert in leadership development, corporate culture, and communication. He relies on a strong spiritual sense to guide him through his everyday activities. Click here for a full description of Maxie Carpenterís programs.

Andy Core

Health and Productivity, Stress Management, and Work-Life Balance

Andy Core provides high energy self help that works. He is a healthy-lifestyle realist who teaches principles that help people feel the way they want to feel, look the way they want to look, and enjoy the comforts of a healthy body. And by doing this he helps organizations build teams that cost less, have better attitudes, and accomplish more. Click here for a full description of Andy Coreís programs.

Kyle Eastham, The Black Belt Speaker

Top Performance, Motivation, and Goal-Setting

Donít be average! Be a black belt in your own arena by using the techniques and principles top martial artists use. Kyle takes a high-energy and humorous look at maximizing your personal and professional performance. Author of Life is a Bowl of Choices.  Click here for a full description of Kyle Easthamís programs.

Scott Huse

Success Principles for Business People and Educators

Scott Huse is an inspirational speaker and life coach who creates audience interaction to inspire life change. His motivational topics help audiences in both the business and educational sectors understand principles crucial for their success. Click here for a full description of Scott Huseís programs.

Willie Johnson

Life Achievement, Diversity, and Customer Service

Willie Johnson is a corporate training professional who brings a fresh, high-energy style to the platform. Not only an incredible motivator, he brings his expertise to audiences in the form of professional development topics that focus on passion, desire, and attitude.  Click here for a full description of Willie Johnsonís programs.

Bob Oros

Advanced Laws of Selling and Persuasion Resulting in More Gross Profit

Closely guarded secrets of selling and persuasion that will increase your effectiveness 70 percent, make you so persuasive customers will ask for more, use a key that opens the door to every sale, use objections to build buyer confidence, close with positive expectations, and be the type of person clients want to do business with! Click here for a full description of Bob Orosí programs.

Carrie Perrien Smith

Communication, Networking, and Organizational Leadership

Carrie Perrien Smith is a publishing, training, and communications industry veteran. She works with successful companies to achieve their peak performance through improved teamwork, communication, and execution. Committed to the success of business, she speaks on networking, communication, and organizational leadership. Click here for a full description of Carrie Perrien Smithís programs.

Kristine Sexter

Developing the Best and Brightest, Recruiting, and Retention

Kristine Sexter works with organizations to dramatically increase performance and productivity by recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent. She has the proven credibility, experience and high-energy that engages her audiences in highly memorable and effective training experiences. Her programs consistently provide a balanced approach to learning through common sense concepts, combined with innovative approaches and humor. Click here for a full description of Kristine Sexterís programs.

Stan Tyra

People Development and Servant Leadership

Stan works with organizations and groups to build people and teach principles of leadership using real life events. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all, you will be challenged to change and embrace truth that will liberate any individual or organization. He has been encouraging men for many years to be greater leaders at home, at work, and in their churches. Click here for a full description of Stan Tyraís programs.

Don't see your favorite speaker? Contact us and we'll search for them. We can book 95% of the speakers in the country through our speaker bureau.

Speakers Bureau

Planning a conference, convention, or corporate meeting? We can help you locate the perfect professional speaker to pump up the members of your organization. Our relationship with speakers around the country puts hundreds of speakers in varying topics at our fingertips. Need a keynote speaker who is knowledgeable and motivational? Contact us!

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Soar with Eagles is your Northwest Arkansas resource for experts who speak professionally. We can help you locate speakers dedicated to providing personal and professional development topics that inspire your audience.

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We work with you to find a speaker within your budget. What if your budget is too small for the speaker you want? We work with you to find ways to fund the speaker.

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Contact us whether you speak for a fee or not. While our speaker bureau is designed for professional speakers, we get many requests for free speakers for civic clubs, nonprofit organizations, and special interest groups.

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Soar with Eagles now offers a suite of services to give speakers the support tools they need to market themselves effectively. We even publish books for speakers. Click here to learn more about our creative services.

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