Kyle Eastham

As the holder of a Black Belt rank in three different martial arts, Kyle knows about determination, goal-setting, enthusiasm, focus, and tenacity — the same traits that make someone successful in any business. Kyle brings over 15 years of speaking and training experience to his keynotes and training workshops.

Kyle’s program appeals to individuals or companies that are goal-driven and/or seek top performance.

Do What Black Belts Do

Like black belts in the martial arts, high-level performers, make conscious, deliberate choices to reach specific goals. Learn from one black belt how you can achieve this level of performance in your own arena.

Do What Black Belts Do is a high-energy, humorous approach to being the best in your field. Use Black Belt principles to become a Black Belt accountant, Black Belt engineer, Black Belt manager, Black Belt parent, etc.

In his information-packed program, learn these essentials:

  • Why some people make three, four, or eight times more income than others in the same industry
  • What two words you must eliminate from your vocabulary (they’re holding you back!)
  • What two Black Belt instructors learned from an 8-year-old Judo student
  • The three words West Point cadets use to propel their career
  • How to find an extra 15 hours of free time every week!

Some clients even like to incorporate an additional 60-minute self-defense workshop into Kyle’s keynote appearance.


“You were fabulous! Great analogies to real life.”

Lori Randall, Mrs. Christian World

“You are a fantastic speaker! I thoroughly enjoyed your program. After attending the seminar, I feel like I can easily break my goals down into easy steps!”

Bob Oros, More Gross Profit International

“YExcellent content. After hearing this presentation, I feel like being better than average!”

Norma Brewer, Tulsa

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