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Stan Tyra is an accomplished speaker, leader, and motivator in both the corporate and faith-based arenas. He is an outstanding choice for a variety of events ranging from corporate meetings to churches and men’s conferences. Stan’s warm, engaging style and his message of servant-leadership make him an excellent fit for an organization that believes in motivating and educating its leaders to bring out the best in their people.

Stan is also the author of The Way to the Top is Down, a book that demonstrates that true servant-leadership is delivered when you descend into greatness. For more on the book, click here.


Stan works with organizations and groups to build people and teach principles of leadership using real-life events. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all, you will be challenged to change and embrace truth that will liberate any individual or organization. He has been encouraging men for many years to be greater leaders at home, at work, and in their churches.


Stan speaks on topics relating to faith, family, work, marriage, manhood, relationships, and life management. Here is a list of his most-popular programs.

Cracked Corn Won’t Grow

A session on developing people using corn (from seed to fruit), and the similarities in the process of growth management and talent development.

Down Wind of a Covey

Another study on people development using the process of training bird dogs. They have to have the gifts to start with (they have to have a “nose” for it), and they need to be led into right environment in order to discover what is already inside them — under leadership that can see them as they will be, not just as they are.

The Way To The Top Is Down

To become a great leader and build great leaders, we must embrace a system of leadership that doesn’t demand a “me first” point of view. Do you use system that properly values people and embraces team success? We must be willing to descend to into leadership.

What Makes a Father a Dad?

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to become a dad.

Building a Mont Blanc Team

When something is valuable, you will go out of your way to ensure its safekeeping. This series discusses ways to protect our most valuable assets, our families and our employees and our relationships.


Stan is one of the best motivational speakers and teachers, because not only do you go away motivated and encouraged by what he says, but you remember it and learn to apply it in your life! His engaging style, laced with self-depreciating humor and vivid examples/stories, makes his teaching and coaching very effective. Stan is truly a transparent person who has a deep care for people and families.”

Rick Brekelbaum
Retired Exxon Executive
Currently CFO of The Joseph Company, LLC

“Stan Tyra will make you feel good about yourself. Instead of telling you what is wrong with you, he will show you what is right with you and how important you are to your family, employer, and friends. When you leave a Stan Tyra program, you will be more encouraged than ever before as he reconfirms what you already know and want to believe about yourself. Seldom have I seen a keynote speaker touch so many people so deeply, while teaching the simple principles of servant-leadership with the truth. I can recommend Stan for any group of people as his love of people is immediately known by all who hear him speak.”

Carl Moody, President,
Brush Mountain Ceramics, Little Rock, AR

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