The Way to the Top is Down

Stan Tyra’s book, The Way to the Top is Down, is a handbook of servant-leadership with a focus on descending into leadership.

“Whoever wants to become great must be a servant to others.”
                                                                    Matthew 20:26

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Descend into Greatness

God always wants to raise up great servants who understand that the way up is down. This new generation of believers adopts an attitude and lifestyle that places their priorities behind those of others. These godly individuals post a greater value on God and others than they do on themselves.

All of us have the ability to influence people. We are all subject to living this same selfish, self-centered, self-serving life. This book is about descending. It’s about giving up our rights for someone else. If you find yourself thinking more about you than anyone else, you are on a path to loneliness, isolation, frustration, and contempt for all those around you. The purpose of this book is to lay out the steps or “test” that every Christian who dreams of making a difference must walk through. These steps downward, if taken, will make us a greater source of life than anything else we might ever do on our own.

Paperback, 74 pages, $9.95
July 2006

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What Others Say about This Book

“Stan’s book will engage your mind, inspire your heart, and move you out of your comfort zone into a new level of leadership. Stan, I was truly moved by this piece of work. God has given you the gift of writing! Use it. My prayer for you is that God will give you big dreams and the faith to accomplish great things.”

Jim McCormick, Vice President and General Manager, Shell Lubricants

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About the Author

Stan Tyra is a business professional, author, teacher, and speaker who is known for encouraging people to live a God-centered life and descend into greatness rather than climbing over everyone to achieve it. Stan is a frequent speaker at men’s ministry events where he points men “downward” to success in their marriages, families, and professions. Stan admits that “down” is not a popular direction, but it is a blessed direction.

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