Carrie Perrien Smith

Carrie is a publishing, training, and communication industry veteran who has worked with corporations such as Texas Instruments, Wal-Mart, and Uniden as well as a multitude of smaller privately owned companies. She partners with successful companies through her speaking, training, and consulting work to help them achieve their peak performance.

Her programs appeal to professional, special-interest, and nonprofit organizations and as well as for-profit companies.


Professional speaker Carrie Perrien Smith delivers programs that are motivational and informative. Her street-smart, easy-to-implement advice makes a big difference to bottom lines. All programs can be delivered in as a keynote address or in a training format.

Networking Zone

Business Referral Network Construction Strategies

Networking pays big dividends. People seek you out. They mention you to others. You can quickly develop a powerful network and increase your influence. Imagine people asking you for advice or recommending you for a smart career move. Your power network will yield results for years.
This program is the blueprint for creating endless referrals. No more “cold calls”. You’ll feel less stressed, overcome resistance, and enjoy contacting the people in your network — and they will welcome your calls.
Networking opens doors previously closed and releases your potential to build a strong peer network, a powerful customer base, and a reputation for genuine caring and trust. Click here for the full description.

A Woman of Influence

Create the Impact You’ve Earned

Ladies, you’ve prepared for all your life. It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work. Influential and empowering communication is the key to achieving respect and success. Take your communication skills to the next level — you’ll get the necessary information and become known among peers for honesty, empathy, and virtue. You’ll leave this session with tools to resolve problems, open lines of communication, and build deeper relationships. Click here for the full description.

Words of Distinction

The Art of Confident Language

Supercharge your business communication skills to achieve respect and success. Words of Distinction addresses the communication needs of men and women in this powerful keynote. You’ll learn techniques that you can use in both your professional and personal life to build deeper relationships, accomplish your objectives, and resolve tough issues by creating open lines of communication with employees, customers, and peers. Click here for the full description.

Networking Made Easy

The Workshop for Beginners

Are you new to networking and need to get the most of your networking time and relationships? This program helps you do that by crafting an effective 60-second commercial, practicing how to make interesting dialogue, learning the essentials for a strong referral network, and locating the right networking opportunities for your business. It even includes a set of tips and survival tricks that will allow you to handle any networking situation with grace. Click here for the full description.

The Successful Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

Serious Tools for Serious Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs get into a business because they are experts in the product or service they sell. Often they know little about the other business operation aspects such as marketing, planning, and managing people. Their ability to recognize and apply these aspects of running the business is the greatest factor in whether they fail or succeed. The Successful Entrepreneur’s Toolbox focuses on the five areas where entrepreneurs must constantly sharpen their skills in order to stay competitive and grow their business: operation plans, technology, the marketing/public relations/promotion mix, team, and self.  Click here for the full description.

It’s Your Business, Too!

Releasing the Spirit of the Entrepreneur in Your Company

This program shows employees how they can take responsibility for the success of the company. We take the components of entrepreneurship and apply them to the everyday roles that employees play. No matter what size company, you can foster the spirit of innovation and ownership in your employees. Click here for program details.

Being CEO

Transform Yourself from Small Business Owner into World-Class Executive

No matter how small your business is, the key to running a world-class business lies in the way you view your role in the enterprise. Think small and you’ll always be small. You may be an independent representative for a network marketing company or own a small home-based business but anything is possible for the individual who considers themselves the chief executive of their own company.  Click here for program details.

If You Don’t, Who Will?

Making the Most of the Time We Give to Charity

Non-profit organizations are a place where volunteers can serve causes they are passionate about in roles of great responsibility that make a significant impact in their community. This program addresses the importance of recruiting, managing, and motivating volunteers, leaders, and non-profit organizations so that the organization, its clients, and the community thrive. Click here for program details.


“Your program was succinct and to the point. For someone on a tight schedule, that is important. Your handouts are useful and the exercises helpful. I plan on sending other members of my staff.”

Alan Lewis, Attorney
Warner, Smith & Harris, PLC
Rogers, AR

“Your training class was informative, to the point, and motivating. It was a healthy reminder of the importance of communicating with customers and the public every day. Our visibility is already on the increase.”

Steve Wright
Director of Sales & Marketing
Hilton Garden Inn

“The Networking Zone provides an excellent learning experience by combining basic networking approaches and fresh, new strategies. It is a great chance to review your current plan, add new skills, and improve your overall networking purpose.”

Kim Johnson, Advertising Manager
Peridot Publishing, Liberty Lake, WA


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