A Woman of Influence

Create the Impact Youíve Earned

Influential and empowering communication is your key to achieving what youíve prepared for all your life ó to be known as a confident women who gets the information you need, overcomes negativity and conflict, and is trusted among your peers for honesty, empathy, and virtue.

A Woman of Influence teaches you how to capitalize on each type of communication and adapt your personal style to meet the needs of your organization. Learn to be an effective, confident communicator without leaving who you are behind.

Target Audience: This program addresses the unique communication needs of professional women.

Format: The keynote address can be adjusted from 30 to 60 minutes.

A similar program for a co-ed audience is Words of Distinction. Click here for more information.

For a longer workshop version on this same topic, youíll want to look closely at The Influential Communicator. This training program is perfect for men and women. It builds your teamís capacity to effectively address the people most important to your organization ó customers and employees. Click here for more information.

Program Topics

Use the techniques in this program to:


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