Networking Zone

Business Referral Network Construction Strategies

Tap your potential by becoming an adept networker — even if you are the poster child for shy people everywhere. This program is especially for you if you cling to the wall at chamber of commerce networking socials or, worse yet, if you are avoiding them altogether. If you network properly, you will only need to cold-call when you run out of ways to network.

But networking isn’t just a solution to cold-calling — it is an effective way to make friends and become a solid part of the community. Networking is the great equalizer in the business community. It will open doors that were previously closed and release your potential to build a strong peer network, a powerful customer base, and a reputation for genuine caring and trust. All you need is an open mind, open ears, a friendly smile, a genuine interest in others, and an outstretched hand.

Target Audience: This program is written for the beginning or intermediate networker but it contains tips and tricks for even the most established professional who networks often.

Format: The workshop consists of interactive lecture and a networking practice session.

Program Topics

Networking Zone contains these topics.

Essentials for Building Your Referral Network

This power-packed segment includes instructions for constructing an effective 60-second commercial that will leave your networking contacts wanting to know more about your business. Other important elements to your referral network construction strategy include creative ways to display your company logo, setting goals for each networking event, gaining access to your networking contacts network to maximize your exposure, plus the secret to getting more referrals than you every thought possible.

A Blueprint for Making Interesting Conversation

Do you ever wonder what to say to people you just met? This segment addresses the formula for creating dialogue that will help you gather important details about your networking contacts while showing them how interested you are. We’ll also discuss methods for handling that embarrassing occasion when you forget someone’s name, giving recommendations and referrals, and identifying which topics to avoid when networking.

People Skills That Will Make You a Winner

Nothing makes a better first impression than these eight interpersonal skills. Classic people skills will look better on you than the finest clothing. This is a thorough review of the soft skills that you can’t operate successfully without. You’ll learn how to look like a success story regardless of what kind of day you’ve had; to develop a reputation for character and trust; to follow-up in creative ways that build a relationship with your contacts and turn them into customers for life; and to handle the most awkward networking experiences with grace.

Networking Zone Book Included

This program includes the Networking Zone: The Business Referral Network Construction Guide (click here for more information).

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“One of the most useful skills I learned by attending the network zone, was the steps you take in presenting yourself during table talk at the networking meetings. It has built up my confidence and shows a professional presentation.”

Rashele M. Wright, Mortgage Specialist
Bank of Arkansas
Bentonville, AR

“Your networking class was just the thing the Hilton Garden Inn-Bentonville/Rogers sales staff needed. As we are refocusing on community relationships and increasing visibility with potential customers, this ‘Networking 101’-type course was perfect. Your training class was informative, to the point, and motivating. It was a healthy reminder of the importance of communicating with customers and the public every day. Our visibility is already on the increase.”

Steve Wright
Director of Sales & Marketing
Hilton Garden Inn

“Your class is succinct and to the point. For someone on a tight schedule, that is important. Your handouts are useful and the exercises helpful. I plan on sending other members of my staff.”

Alan Lewis, Attorney
Warner, Smith & Harris, PLC
Rogers, AR

“One of the many useful tips I got from the Networking Zone class was how to write your 60-second commercial. Prior to your class, I wasn’t sure exactly what to say to make it last 60 seconds and what pertinent information should be included in that brief introduction. I walked away with a lot more useful information such as how to address someone you ‘think’ you have met but can’t remember their name and what questions you should and should not ask someone you just met. Thanks for this great information and the book!”

Lynnie Parsons, Business Development
BSW International Architects/Engineers
Rogers, AR

“The Networking Zone seminar was time well spent for these reasons:

  • I left there with a well-defined, clear 60-second commercial.
  • I learned networking skills no one else will teach in business.
  • I had the ability to network with 20+ other people while I learned.

This seminar is for anyone who needs to put their sales hat on for the first time, anyone who needs to dust off their sales hat, or anyone who is not seeing the sales referrals they should be.

I know if I follow 100% of what I learned, I can get four good referrals a week.”

Mary E. Goldsbary
Director of Client Relations
Beall Barclay & Company, PLC
Rogers, AR

“The Networking Zone provides an excellent learning experience by combining basic networking approaches and fresh, new strategies. It is a great chance to review your current plan, add new skills, and improve your overall networking purpose.”

Kim Johnson, Advertising Manager
Peridot Publishing, Liberty Lake, WA

“Somebody has to say it! Most of us would rather be on our front porch sipping tea at 5:30 in the evening instead of attending a networking meeting. Networking Zone makes networking attractive. Attending a business after hours social has to have purpose and meaning; if we are going to build our business and be away from what we love personally (our family) for what we love professionally (growth in business) — purpose is important!”

Theresa King Thompson
Morter Healthsystem
Rogers, AR

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