Networking Zone

The Business Referral Network Construction Guide

by Carrie Perrien Smith

Love cold calling? Most people dislike cold-calling. Business owners donít like it when people cold call on them. You have to make contacts to be successful. So what is the alternative?

Networking is the Alternative

Tap your potential by becoming an adept networker. You can do this even if you are the poster child for shy people everywhere. This book is especially for you if you cling to the wall at chamber of commerce networking socials or, worse yet, if you are avoiding them altogether. If you network properly, you will only need to cold-call when you run out of ways to network.

Networking isnít just a solution to cold-calling ó it is an effective way to make friends and become a solid part of your community.

This book is written for the beginning or intermediate networker but it contains tips and tricks for even the most established professional who networks often.

You Can Do It!

Approach the ideas in this book with an open mind, open ears, a friendly smile, a genuine interest in others, and an outstretched hand. Networking is the great equalizer in business. It will open doors that were previously closed and release your potential to build a strong peer network, a powerful customer base, and a reputation for genuine caring and trust.


Paperback, 42 pages, $12.95
January 2004

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