Soar with Eagles

Founded in 2003 by Carrie Perrien Smith (click here for her bio), Soar with Eagles partners with successful organizations who want to achieve their peak performance. We work with ordinary people who believe that anything is achievable who can envision accomplishing the extraordinary. Soar with Eagles is committed to outstanding deliver customer services, quality, integrity, and value. You have our word on it.

Speakersí Bureau

We are Northwest Arkansasí premiere professional speakersí bureau. We host a variety of high-impact experts who speak specializing in business and faith-based speakers. Soar with Eagles serves organizations by helping them locate the right speaker for their retreat, conference, or meeting. We can hire speakers ranging from inexpensive, emerging talent to celebrities like Oprah. There is no charge to the hiring organization for using the service ó the speaker pays the sales commission. Soar with Eagles saves meeting planners time by seeking out the right speakers for their audience and budget, arranging their travel and audio-visual needs, and providing transportation to and from the airport.

Our speakersí bureau serves professional speakers in the areas of networking and professional, product, and business development. In 2006, we added more services to address the needs of professional speakers. For more information on our bureau, click here.


Our signature training programs focus on communication, networking, teamwork, execution, and organizational leadership such as Networking Zone, Influential Communicator, Teamwork Advantage, Your Best Year Ever, and the Aspiring Authors Seminar. We have broadened our product line through affiliate providers who offer leadership, sales, and software training, personality profiles, and more. We meet with clients, determine the training needed for their organization, and then gather quotes and class descriptions to help the client choose the right program from area providers. If an organization could benefit by bringing in a trainer who provides customized training, they seek out that trainer and negotiate the fee. For complete information on our training programs, click here.

All classes are listed in the Upcoming Events section on the Soar with Eagles website at

Group and Individual Performance Consulting Services

Our Action Strategy Planning Sessions focus on accountability and execution. The format works effectively in any size organization. Our best success stories come from successful organizations that are growing at a fast pace. They are especially experienced at working with small business owners. Their process creates buy-in and empowers team members at all levels to take ownership in the organization.  Click here for information on these powerful sessions.

We offer a package of consulting services for nonprofit organizations called Your Best Year Ever. This program is designed to increase the skills and effectiveness of the organizationís staff, board members, and key volunteers. Click here for more information on this important program for nonprofit organizations.

We also provide Peak Performance Coaching. We work with individuals on overcoming issues dealing with planning, execution, communication, and teamwork. Click here for information on the coaching services for individual performance.


Weíre a new name in publishing but definitely not new to publishing. Our book development and publishing services include editing, page-layout, and illustration. For those authors who want to write a book but donít have the time to put it all together, we offer ghost-writing. We even offer a planning session that can get your book to ready to submit in less time with few edit cycles. Our new publishing division was opened in July 2005. Our first book, Habits of Highly Effective Christians by Ron Meyers, PhD, was released November 1, 2005.

The book publishing division is focused on the needs of speakers who write books. Our vision is to produce books that incorporate faith and business. Authors who publish with Soar with Eagles benefit by retaining the rights to their books. Our publishing model does a great provides more profit for the author on each book sold than other publishing models. Soar with Eagles does more than publish a book ó we collaborate with authors on marketing and promotion and assist them in product development or related products. Click here for more information.

Conference and Trade Show Design

The event design services fill the gap between the organization hosting the conference or trade show and the hotel/banquet staff. We help an organization with all aspects of conference management such as marketing, banquet coordination, site logistics, audio-visual services, exhibit management, speaker selection, and registration. Our customer-focused team consists of dedicated individuals with expertise in large-scale event management.

Soar with Eagles hosts events such as the Soar Higher Professional Development Conference. In 2006, we introduced a fast-paced, energetic breakfast or lunch program that features a professional speaker who delivers a keynote address that will educate the audience followed by a session of speed networking. For more information, click here.