Training to Improve Your Performance

Great leaders are created and not born. While management styles have changed over time, great leadership qualities remain the same. Soar with Eagles is committed to helping our clients develop the leadership and life skills critical to achieving success in their personal and professional lives. We offer programs that focus on training needs and strategic planning services — all devoted to our mission of performance improvement.

Click here to check out our list of upcoming classes and events. We offer our Soar with Eagles training classes and now are hosting training programs offered by preferred training suppliers as well.

Want to take it to the next level? Consider an Action Strategy Planning Session. These customized session combine training and strategic planning. They deliver performance improvement through increased employee ownership, buy-in, and involvement. Click here for more information.

Soar with Eagles Training Programs

Browse our list of branded training programs designed to improve leadership, teamwork, communication, and execution performance.

Bottom-Line Business Relationships

The relationship is the currency in today’s rapidly changing and competitive business climate. Learn how to create long-term business relationships that turn your clients into your marketing and sales force. Turn more prospects into clients. Boost your revenue by turning every member of your staff into a sales consultant. Click here for more information.

The Influential Communicator

Participants learn how to handle professional communication issues that can knock teams off track. Learn to be people-oriented, lead conversations that yield the information and outcomes that you desire, understand the importance of non-verbal communication, and get to the core issue in a conflict and reach resolution. Click here for more information.

Teamwork Advantage

Teamwork Advantage provides a foundation where a team is assembled to accomplish a project as they learn important leadership and life skills. Unlike typical classroom programs that teach theory, participants apply what they are learning — hands-on, real-time, real world, making a real difference in their organization. Click here for more information.

Your Best Year Ever

Strategy and Skill Development for Your Nonprofit Organization

Your Best Year Ever is a package of consulting services developed for equipping nonprofit organizations with the training, planning, and organization help they  need to run leaner, more effective organizations. Click here for more information.

Power Hour Series

Management Skills You Can Use Right Now!

These short programs are a perfect way to recharge yourself to go tackle your biggest business challenges. Come to one of our lunchtime programs or schedule one at a time that's best for your organization. Click here for a description of the classes available.

FLY: Functional Leadership for Youth

FLY is a comprehensive leadership and life skills program designed for high school juniors and seniors. During the 12-week program that meets three hours one afternoon each week, students will select a non-profit organization and develop a fund-raiser for it. Each week, through the hands-on learning environment, students will learn and practice important skills they will use the rest of their lives. Click here for more information.

The Aspiring Authors Seminar

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a published author, now is the time! Only 1% of authors’ manuscripts are ever selected by the major publishing companies. This seminar covers the alternatives to getting your book into print. We’ll share the details you need to know to begin to make your dream a reality with better speed to market and greater marketability. In addition, we cover all methods for selling your book that yield higher profit than bookstores. The product possibilities are endless! Learn more at this important seminar. Click here for more information.

Networking Zone

Business Referral Network Construction Strategies

Networking pays big dividends. People seek you out. They mention you to others. You can quickly develop a powerful network and increase your influence. Imagine people asking you for advice or recommending you for a smart career move. Your power network will yield results for years. This program is the blueprint for creating endless referrals. No more “cold calls”. You’ll feel less stressed, overcome resistance, and enjoy contacting the people in your network — and they will welcome your calls. Networking opens doors previously closed and releases your potential to build a strong peer network, a powerful customer base, and a reputation for genuine caring and trust. Click here for the full description.

Networking in the Power Zone

Capitalizing on Your Business’ Open House

Hosting a social or open house for your business is a large investment? This is your chance to create a networking power zone that will drive sales to your bottom line. This program teaches your team how to plan an effective event that will create new, repeat, and referral business.  Click here for the full description.

Networking Made Easy

The Workshop for Beginners

Are you new to networking and need to get the most of your networking time and relationships? This program helps you do that by crafting an effective 60-second commercial, practicing how to make interesting dialogue, learning the essentials for a strong referral network, and determining the right networking opportunities for your business. It even includes a set of tips and survival tricks that will allow you to handle any networking situation with grace. Click here for the full description.

Programs from Our Preferred Training Suppliers

Besides our branded Soar with Eagles training programs, we are adding training programs developed and taught by experts in their field. We have identified local trainers who will be teaching programs on sales techniques, customer service, working with different personality types, and working with a Hispanic workforce. As those programs are added, we'll list them on our Upcoming Events pages. Click here to go there now!

Customer Service — It’s An Attitude

Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and it nourishes every aspect of your organization. Stop thinking of customer service as just a department and start thinking of it as an attitude! This program covers the four key properties of customer service: the service focus, quality, the telephone, and service and customer orientation. Click here for the full description.

Working with a Hispanic Workforce

Companies throughout the United States are experiencing the impact of over 35 million Hispanics as employees and customers. To ensure financial success and effective productivity,  employers and supervisors must understand differences in working with a Hispanic workforce. Key topics include body language; time concepts, differing work practices, and social expectations at work. Click here for the full description.

Preferred Training Suppliers

We Help You Find the Training You Need

Wondering what kind of training your organization needs? Maybe you know what you need but just can’t find the right program offered locally.

Whether you are looking for soft skills training such as leadership development or sales training, or hard skills training such as computer skills, we can locate the programs you need through our network of preferred suppliers. We provide one-stop shopping for training.

Schedule a time to meet with our training consultant to discuss your needs and interests. We can then recommend training programs and consultants best suited for the needs of your organization.

Become a Sponsor

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Become a Preferred Training Supplier

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Soar with Eagles preferred training supplier. We promote training programs for area trainers. We also assist our clients in locating training to meet their specific needs. Click here to e-mail us or call us at 479.636.SOAR.

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