Power Hour Series

Management Skills You Can Use Right Now!

These one-hour programs are your opportunity to invest an hour in yourself and your business skills. Host these programs at your office for clients and staff. They are perfect for a brown-bag luncheon that will charge you up for the afternoon.

Target Audience: Topics generally address the needs of small business owners and individuals who work for a company but must build their own customer base such as sales representatives. Many of the topics are relevant to individuals who serve in a leadership role in a nonprofit organization.

Format: These sessions include 45 to 60 minutes of lecture and interactive discussion.

Program Topics

Essentials of a World Class Sales Professional

Whether or not you are a seasoned sales professional, you can develop the sales youíve always dreamed of. It can be yours through the right attitude, goals, and time management and organizational skills. Find out how to attain and sharpen those skills.

Six Awesome Ways to Market Your Business

Wonder how to get customers in your door? Learn to use six awesome but simple methods to create awareness, brand yourself and your company, and keep your sales funnel full.

Creating Customers for Life

It costs less to keep a customer than to attract a new customer. Learn the five methods to raise the bar on your customer service and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Attributes of a Winning Organization

An organizationís leaders create the foundation and set the pace. Learn why stewardship, family values, a sense of community, and fellowship are cornerstones in the culture of a successful organization.

Leading Your Growing Organization

What do servant-leadership, customer focus, congruency, risk-taking, restoration, and relationship skills all have in common? They are attributes of a winning leader. Find out why no great organizational leader should operate without them.

Building a High-Performance Team

Whether you are building a team for your company or for a nonprofit organization or event, itís important to recruit and retain the right people. Learn the key factors in building a team that takes your organization to the next level.

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