Networking in the Power Zone

Capitalizing on Your Business’ Open House

You’ve just scheduled your open house, business after hours social, or customer holiday party. This is your chance to invite customers and potential customers into your office — this is your Power Zone. This is your chance to engage every member of your organization to visit one-on-one with your prospects and valued customers to pave the way to new and repeat business.

How many socials have you added where the owner hired a great caterer, sent out hundreds of invitations, purchased prizes to give away, and adorned their employees with logo apparel? Way too often, the employees huddle in an out-of-the-way corner and talk amongst themselves instead of build relationships with attendees. This represents a lost opportunity to turn prospects into customers or introduce customers to other services.

You’ve made a large investment in the event. Now invest one hour of your team’s time to learn the important principles of networking in the power zone. Create an unforgettable experience and your guests will remember you next time they need your product or service.


Give Your Team the Tools to Maximize Your Power Zone

Networking in the Power Zone covers these topics in 60 minutes:

  • Identify and invite the right guests.
  • Setting goals for the event.
  • Provide the prime networking atmosphere.
  • Create meaningful conversation that gives you information about your guests that helps you understand how to help them through your business.
  • Develop an effective 60-second commercial.
  • Craft a brief but effective announcement that will communicate what your company can do for your guests.
  • Give even the shyest team members greater confidence and communication skills.
  • Design a schedule to keeps your guests engaged.
  • Develop a plan for follow-up after the event.

Program Fee: $250

Seminar Facilitator

Carrie Perrien Smith

No one in the area teaches networking and business development skills like Carrie. This expert on networking is one of the founders and supporters of Northwest Arkansas’ independent networking scene (click here for the complete list). She’s active in her local chambers of commerce and knows how to maximize any networking situation. She practices what she preaches too — she’s built her brand image, business reputation, and personal success as she built her business referral network. Author of Networking Zone: The Business Referral Network Construction Guide
President of Soar With Eagles (, a company that provides speakers, training, strategic planning, and publishing services

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