The Successful Entrepreneurís Toolbox

Serious Tools for Serious Business Owners

The Successful Entrepreneurís Toolbox opens the lid on the box of tools needed to successfully operate a small business ranging from planning for success to marketing to locating reliable advice. In addition, it discusses building the right team that will apply for sole proprietors as well as larger companies with many employees.

Target Audience: This program is designed for owners of business start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. In many areas, small and medium-sized businesses account for at least 80 percent of local business.

Format: The seminar program  is designed to consist of a 60-minute interactive lecture and a 30-minute question-and-answer session. The format of the program is easy to modify based on your needs.

The keynote address can be adjusted from a 30-minute to 45-minute program.

Program Topics

Many entrepreneurs get into a business because they are experts in the product or service they sell. Often they know little about the other business operation aspects such as marketing, planning, and managing people. Their ability to recognize and apply these aspects of running the business is the greatest factor in whether they fail or succeed. The Successful Entrepreneurís Toolbox focuses on the five areas where entrepreneurs must constantly sharpen their skills in order to stay competitive and grow their business: operation plans, technology, the marketing/public relations/promotion mix, team, and self.

Toolset 1: Operation Plans

Business owners benefit when they operate by a plan made up of five important elements. This segment not only identifies those elements but defines them and their role in your success.

Toolset 2: Technology

Todayís technology offers business owners ways that can make them infinitely more effective. Cell phones, computers with internet access, e-mail, websites, and handheld organizers are considered standard office equipment these days. This segment helps entrepreneurs understand which ones will benefit them the most. It also covers selecting a computer consultant to help make all that equipment work smoothly.

Toolset 3: Marketing/Public Relations/Advertising

This important segment covers the activities which draw customers to your door. Questions answered include: Do you need a website, are printed materials enough, or should have both? What does your image say about you? What are some easy promotion methods which will brand your business quickly? Learn how your charity and community involvement can benefit your business.

Toolset 4: Team

Even for start-ups who donít have employees yet, entrepreneurs can build a team that will lead them to success. Discover the five parts of your team that you must put into place no matter how new or small your company is.

Toolset 5: Self

You are your most important business tool. The business owner is the catalyst for everything that grows their business. They must place an emphasis on their development in order to reach their greatest potential. Learn the five key areas that entrepreneurs must address in order to development themselves into individuals capable of building world-class organizations.

Additional Materials Available

This program is supported by a book called The Successful Entrepreneurís Toolbox: Serious Tools for Serious Business Owners and an audio CD by the same name recorded at one of Carrieís live programs. Both will be available in January 2005.

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