Standard of Performance Statement

The Soar with Eagles Platinum Standard

To be considered to be an official part of the Soar with Eagles speaker bureau, you are expected to adhere to our standard of performance. The opportunity to take the speaking platform is a privilege reserved for those honor the responsibilities that come with it. Soar with Eagles speakers and trainers must demonstrate high-quality platform skills, content and product development, commitment to professional development, professionalism, work ethic, and customer service.

  • You are a role model. Live an ethical, socially responsible personal and professional life. Walk the talk.
  • Your image matters. Take excellent care of your health and appearance. Dress appropriately for your audience and organization (normally a couple of notches above the audience but check with the client to make sure).
  • You are a servant-leader. The satisfaction of your client and client organization is your ultimate responsibility. Understand client needs and interests by conducting information-seeking conversations with the client and no fewer than three people who will attend several weeks in advance of the program. Know what their expectations of you are. Remember, itís all about them.
  • You are an ambassador for your sponsor, client, and Soar with Eagles. Provide extraordinary customer service by arriving early and staying as long as needed afterward and delivering exactly what they requested. Be prepared to give your best performance for every client despite adversity. They are your host ó treat them graciously and thank them for inviting you to be a part of their program.
  • Your professionalism and expertise is your signature. Keep your material fresh by updating your material often (both content and look) and producing new program-supporting products on a regular basis. Commit to improving your platform skills through professional development. Constantly increase your knowledge in your area of expertise. Practice your material often.
  • Soar with Eagles will not recommend any speaker who misses any engagement due to lack of planning or taking proper care of themselves. Arriving on time and prepared is critical. If you cannot meet any performance commitment, give us enough notice to schedule another speaker in. Family emergencies are a reality and cancellations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Anyone (professional or no-fee) who is not able to meet these commitments will not be recommended to our clients.


    Information Requirements of Speakers Posted to the Website

    This information is necessary to fit the format of our website and marketing efforts. All links lead to material within the Soar with Eagles website. We reserve the right to make editorial changes and expect content to arrive concisely written and grammatically correct via e-mail (photo can be submitted in digital or hard copy). All content should focus on what you can provide the customer. All material (with the exception of audio) must be turned in before anything will be posted to the website. All submissions must be professional quality.

  • Color photograph (providing several different poses will give us better options and make your information page more interesting)
  • Name you wish to be called
  • Your general program topics (for speaker bureau page)
  • Positioning statement (for speaker bureau page)
  • General description of you and your target audience (for your main information page)
  • Your full bio, a 150-word version, and a 300-word version (for your bio page)
  • Your list of programs with general descriptions in 250 words or less (for your main information page)
  • You may request hyperlinks to optional longer descriptions within our website (for your specific program pages)
  • Audio clips of your programs (preferably live performances). At least one is due within 90 days of being posted to the website.


    Anyone who is not able to meet these commitments will not be posted to our site.

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