Maxie Carpenter

After 27 years in the trenches, Maxie Carpenter works with organizations that desire to build a world-class company through a stronger corporate culture, leadership development, and strategic planning. He is a great addition to program as a keynote presentation, panelist, seminar presenter. 

Serving the corporate, small business, non-profit, academic, and religious communities, Maxie Carpenter offers keynote presentations, and executive development, and coaching.


Maxie Carpenter brings his retail operation and human resources experience with the world’s largest retailer to the platform. He’s a straight-talker who encourages companies to create their competitive advantage through truth and values. 

Corporate Culture Then and Now!

Most former executives will tell you that the reason they left their previous positions was that the cultures of the organizations had changed to such degrees that they couldn’t support the directions being taken. This topic will explore:

  • Why that perspective is so prevalent
  • Why the changing of corporate culture inevitably is perceived as unhealthy and non-supportive
  • How corporations have ransomed their cultures for the sake of political correctness
  • How corporations can re-establish their cultures to obtain broad-base internal and external support and achieve performance expectations

Tough Truth

What Is It And How Do You Tell It?

Today’s social climate is characterized by rationalizing, manipulating, politicizing and enhancing information to such degrees that simply telling the truth has to be learned all over again. This topic will explore:

  • How the current social climate of political correctness has evolved over the last 25 years
  • How this social climate has integrated itself into every facet of our lives; political, corporate, private, academic, non-profit and religious
  • How this social climate has become addictive
  • How we can influence this social climate by learning how to tell the truth again

Getting Real

What Do You Have To Do And How Do You Have To Do It?

We hear this term almost every day. We hear it in songs, conversation, speeches, sermons and political presentations. Does anyone really know what “getting real” actually means in today's social climate, or does anyone really believe it’s possible anymore? This topic will explore:

  • Why “getting real” has become such a prevalently used form of expression
  • What it actually means to “get real”
  • Why “getting real” has to become a major strategically identified goal for every form of governance known to society today: political, corporate, private, non-profit, academic, and religious
  • How “getting real” can be accomplished



“I have had the honor of working alongside Maxie Carpenter while at Wal-Mart and during projects at Diversified Retail Consultants. Maxie delivers in every category of importance today: integrity, knowledge, insight, support, and vision. His vast experience and practical application of business principles continue to aid organizations around the globe. Maxie is a true champion, and a true performer!”

Keith Aubele, President/CEO
 Acclaim Management Group, Inc.

“If there were more people like Maxie in the world, then all small businesses would be in fine shape! His leadership approach gave us a creative environment, which generated better input into our design concept, enhanced customer service features, and accelerated the forecast and our inventory management process. We look forward to a continued mentorship with him.”

Tina Mollett and Brandi McCoy, Owners
She Said Yes Bridal, Rogers, AR

“Maxie took the leadership role in co-founding our school, the first of its kind in the state, when we were faced with a crisis, and because of his business experience, kept us out of financial trouble. He treated the teachers like professionals, brought enthusiasm back up and rallied the parents, teachers, students and staff to keep the school viable. Staff still refer to the ‘Maxie Carpenter era’ with fondness as he was the leader that walked with us through the refiner’s fire. He had faith in and a passion for our efforts to improve educational options for students and families in Northwest Arkansas. Maxie has always been our rock of support and can be given credit for much of the success Benton County School of the Arts has experienced.”

Mechel Wall, President,
Benton County Charter School Organization, Inc., Rogers, AR

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