Maximize Your Network

Discover Four Techniques that Will Transform You from Unknown to Top of Mind

This audio program offers four techniques that make the difference between just another contact and ultimate exposure.
  • Creating a confident first impression
  • Capitalizing on the gold zone
  • Leading meaningful conversation
  • Follow-up that turns prospects into clients

You can spend hundreds hours a year networking. Like money wasted on ineffective advertising, ineffective networking wastes valuable time you could be spending with your business, family, and home.

Make every moment count. Carrie reveals four techniques that will help you capture every personal and professional opportunity when you are networking.

If you arenít currently networking, this audio CD gives you the tools and confidence to start. Bottom line, networking is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ for your business.


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Carrie Perrien Smith
38-minute Audio CD

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Learn More about Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy

The Ultimate Guide to Lifelong Business Relationships

This isnít just another book on networking ó itís a gold mine. Use the ideas in this book, and youíll benefit by spending less money on marketing and less time learning the needs and interests of new customers. That equates to more profit, more energy to invest in your company, and more quality time in your personal and professional life to spend doing things that really matter.

Click here to learn more about Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy. You can read the preview chapters and browse the table of contents. Plus, Currency makes a great client or team appreciation gift. Youíll learn more volume discounts and options for customizing the book for your companyís use.

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