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February 28, 2006:  Tulsa networking guru Peter Biadasz. He is the author of More Leads and Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers. Peter spent 30 minutes with us sharing tips and techniques for pumping up the horsepower on your business referral network. He built his own high-octane sales business by networking his way to the top. He was on hand after the event to answer questions and sign books.

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Our goal is create an event where serious business people can experience the sport of power networking while providing speakers who are experts in the field of networking, sales, marketing, business, or leadership.

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May 25, 2006. Darren LaCroix, 2001 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. He’s not just a world-class speaker — he’s also a world-class comedian and author of Laugh and Get Rich: How to Profit from Humor in Any Business.

He shared tips and techniques for being a more dynamic speaker so attendees make a bigger impression on the people you work with. We came ready to laugh and learn before we headed into a session of speed networking.

September 7, 2006. Stan Tyra is a business professional, author, teacher, and speaker who is known for encouraging people to live a God-centered life and descend into greatness rather than climbing over everyone to achieve it. Stan is a frequent speaker at men’s ministry events where he points men “downward” to success in their marriages, families, and professions. Stan admits that “down” is not a popular direction, but it is a blessed direction.

Stan exposed  four lies we often buy into that prevent us from becoming all we could and should be. They not only affect us, but they usually negatively impact all our relationships — work, family, and friends. These four lies have the ability to hide the great person we are or could become and causes us to live life at a shallow level. Stan stayed afterwards to autograph copies of his book, ”The Way to the Top is Down.” Buy his book in our online book store now. Click here.

February 20, 2007. Willie Johnson, CIDD, PDC is a corporate trainer and facilitator. Willie shared his four-part formula for Killer Customer Care. Great customer service isn’t rocket science. Customer service isn’t a department. It is a simple philosophy that should be practiced by everyone in an organization, regardless of their position and/or title, and it can be broken down into four basic parts. While volumes of books have been written about great service, these four points could be considered the starting point — the basics. By understanding these very simple concepts, you will be well on your way to providing, not good, but “Killer Customer Care.”

May 22, 2007. Marketing expert Dr. Burt Smith CME, CQM, PCM is the president of Executive Marketing Information, a market research and consulting firm.

Marketing is potentially the most impactful activity your organization undertakes, and it is by far the most often misunderstood! Dr. Burt can help you take a fresh look at how you do it and return to your organization with a philosophy that will help you open a new, straightforward, and profitable dialogue with your team. Dr. Burt showed us how to define marketing in such a way that everyone in the organization “gets it” and gave us a simple but powerful approach to brand building. He showed us how marketing “success” can sometimes lead to disaster and ways to make sure your competition sits at home worrying what you’re up to instead of the other way around. Learn more about Dr. Burt at

August 29, 2007. Willie Johnson, CIDD, PDC is a trainer and facilitator for J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. Willie presented "Let's Make a Deal! How to Negotiate So That Everyone Wins — Especially You! We all negotiate something. In business, it can have a huge effect on your bottom line. What matters in negotiation is results! The best way to get what you want is to help the other side get what they want. In this fast-paced, practical, and lively negotiation skills learning program, covered how to display confidence in even the most heated negotiations, achieve win-win, and use the three Ps of negotiation (prepare, probe, and purpose).
October 3, 2007. Kelly Riggs, President of Vmax Performance Group and veteran sales and management professional. Kelly Riggs presented “Hope is Not a Strategy: How Leaders Plan for Success.” He shared how leaders use visioning, strategic planning, and effective communication to drive success in business. He also presented an approach to planning for success. For more information, visit his website at

December 14, 2007. Scott Huse, Huse and Associates Professional speaker and consultant. Scott presented “People Are What Life and Business Are All About.” He talked about how personal growth and success are important to each of us. We all have the power to take charge of our future and make our lives a “Do It Myself Project.” No one can make your dreams and aspirations a reality like you can. Learn more about Scott at


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Carrie Perrien Smith, Crew Chief for Team SWE Always on the hunt for the next great networking event, Carrie decided now is the time for a power event of this magnitude in Northwest Arkansas. She benchmarked speed networking events around the world and then developed one that provides professional development, a killer meal at a great venue, and an hour of speed networking — a premium networking event at a value that no similar event in the world can match.

Business relationship expert and author of Networking Zone: The Business Referral Network Construction Guide
President of Soar With Eagles (, a company that provides speakers, training, consulting, conference design, and publishing services.

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