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Carrie Perrien Smith goes back to her roots with her publishing line of services. She’s worked in publishing-related roles for over two decades.

We seek out select authors whose message reinforces the Soar with Eagles values. We provide focused attention to detail and flexibility that authors can’t get with other publishing houses. Our goal is not to publish a lot of books — our goal is to publish select books and partner with the authors as they promote their books.

We are the best choice for professional speakers who want to publish a book to sell at their programs and on their website. We have a proven method for creating better profit margins for speakers who sell most of their books themselves. That's more money on your bottom line!

Our Services

For writers who are in the beginning stages of writing their book, we offer planning services that speed the development of their content. For more information, click here to check out Today is the Day.

Service we provide include:

We Allow You to Maintain the Rights to Your Book

Here’s an important benefit of publishing with us: you retain ownership rights of your book. While many first-time authors dream of big royalty checks and best-seller lists, the reality is very different. Most publishing companies do little to promote the books they print and books do not sell themselves. Authors must actively engage in the promotion of their books. You have to promote and sell your own books, why not keep the rights to your book?

Seminars to Learn More about Getting Your Book Published

Our Aspiring Author Seminar helps authors learn the process of taking a book from the idea to the shelf. Carrie partners with author and retail consultant, Maxie Carpenter, to teach this program. Click here to see the full description.

What Happens After the Book is Printed?

Once the book goes to print, the promotion begins. Soar with Eagles offers regional promotion services that put the author in direct contact with potential book buyers. Many authors find themselves inspired to start on the next book or develop products that further their message. Click here to learn more about our marketing and product development services.

Tools and Websites for the Self-Publisher

Some authors just want to take a “hands-on” approach and do it themselves. That’s a great approach for some authors. Click here for tools and sites that we recommend for authors and people who want to self-publish.

See What We Can Do for You

Click here to see what we did for Ron Meyers PhD, author of Habits of Highly Effective Christians.


Click here to see what we did for William Powell, author of A Taste of War.


Click here to see what we did for Stan Tyra, author of The Way to the Top is Down.




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