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Currency: Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy (Book $24.95)

Networking Zone: The Business Referral Network Construction Guide (Book $12.95)

Maximize Your Network: Four Techniques that Make the Difference (Audio CD $9.99)

Networking: The Gift That Keeps Giving (Special Report $5.99)


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Networking Zone: Business Referral Network Construction Strategies

Networking Made Easy: The Workshop for Beginners

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Craft Your Own 60-Second Commercial

Networking Truths and Survival Tips

Business Cards: The Currency of Networking

The Language of Power Networking

Seven Reasons Why We All Should Encourage Women’s Networking Groups

Boost Your Business by Networking: 10 Things You Must Do

Networking: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Networking Failure — Guaranteed

Holiday Networking

Expose Youself Through Social Networking


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Striking Networking Gold in a Relationship Economy

by Carrie Perrien Smith

We live in a relationship economy. WHO you know is every bit as important as WHAT you know. In Currency, Carrie Perrien Smith shares the secret to gaining more clients, bigger paydays, and sweeter success.

This isn’t just another book on networking — it’s a gold mine. Use the ideas in this book, and you’ll benefit by spending less money on marketing and less time learning the needs and interests of new customers. That equates to more profit, more energy to invest in your company, and more quality time in your personal and professional life to spend doing things that really matter.

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Paperback, 268 pages
October 2008, $24.95
Soar with Eagles — A Publisher Driven by Purpose and Vision


Maximize Your Network
Discover Four Techniques that Will Transform You from Unknown to Top of Mind

by Carrie Perrien Smith

This audio program offers four techniques that make the difference between just another contact and ultimate exposure.

Make every moment count. Carrie’s four techniques will help you capture every personal and professional opportunity when you are networking.

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Audio CD, 38-minutes, $12.95
Soar with Eagles — A Publisher Driven by Purpose and Vision

Buy Both Maximize Your Network and Currency in the Soar with Eagles Bookstore and Save!

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