Descriptions for Ron Meyers' Books

Ron Meyers has just released his fifth book under the Soar with Eagles imprint. Here are the descriptions of these books. They are listed in order from his most recent book to his first.

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Lessons from Death's Doorstep

One of the most common risks for world travelers is contracting malaria. Scheduled to fly to Rwanda in just two days, it was apparent that Ron Meyers' body aches, nighttime sweats and chills, and severe headaches were not a simple case of the flu. After a reluctant trip to the hospital for a quick checkup, it was confirmed. He indeed had malaria. The next few days would also reveal that the malaria had progressed to a life-threatening infection in both lungs.

Super-Survival is a detailed account of the twelve-day crucible that almost killed this veteran missionary. Ron shares the lessons learned over those days and his reflections on the miracle that saved his life. He is living proof that God puts the right people with the appropriate skills and gifts in our paths exactly when they are needed. Many concerned fasting and praying friends all over the world journeyed with him during those uncertain days as he struggled hour by hour to stay alive. And he indeed recovered and lived to share the intimate inside story with you.

98 pages

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Book Preview

The Journey No One Wants to Take

Read the foreword, introduction, and the first chapter of Super-Survival. It is Ron Meyers' personal account of his journey with a near-fatal illness and what he learned during his twelve-day ordeal.

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Choose Your Character
25 Bible Personalities Who Inspire Integrity

The writers of the Bible speak to us with their words, and the Bible's characters speak to us with their lives. Their powerful examples reveal the spiritual inspiration and brilliant insight the human writers and the divine Writer intended. Times, cultures, traditions, and societal values may change from century to century, but human nature does not.

We value people whose words and actions reflect their true thoughts and intentions. People of integrity purposely integrate their own thoughts, words, and behaviors. They work at making their own hearts and minds, thoughts and ideas consistent with the godly character portrayed in Scripture.

These twenty-five Bible personalities in Choose Your Character cultivate a desire to deepen the commitment to live a life of unfailing integrity. Their examples teach us how to increase our personal satisfaction and effectiveness while strengthening our ability to influence others.

384 pages

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Book Preview

Powerful Lessons in Integrity

Read the introduction and the first chapter of Choose Your Character. It chronicles the examples that 25 Bible characters set for us.

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Rise to Seek Him
The Joy of Effective Prayer

Effective prayer is more about becoming useful tools in God's hands than imposing our plans and desires on Him. In Rise to Seek Him, we learn that we accomplish much more when God uses us through prayer than when we try to use God to accomplish our objectives.

This is not just another book on prayer. Ron Meyers invites you to experiment for yourself how God can accomplish "immeasurably more" than you could ever ask or imagine. This book reveals fresh insights about the meaning of prayer insights that were in the Bible all the time.

Rise to Seek Him offers practical solutions to the questions we all ask:

  • How do we discipline ourselves to pray?
  • How can we know what to pray for?
  • Why is it difficult to pray?
  • What is the focus of prayer?
  • Does prayer really "work?"
  • This book testifies to the expansion in influence, effectiveness, and success possible with increased personal prayer. As in Habits of Highly Effective Christians, Meyers again describes self-discipline as a fruit of the Spirit to increase personal spiritual growth and improvement in public ministry. God-fearing Christians of any vocation who are serious about serving God at maximum levels of effectiveness will benefit from this book.

    Author-autographed edition
    212 pages

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    Book Preview

    Allow God to Do Immeasurably More in Your Life

    This special author-autographed edition is only available through Soar with Eagles.

    Read the introduction and the first chapter of Rise to Seek Him. He explains how being intentional about your prayer time can help you accomplish more.

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    Habits of Highly
    Effective Christians

    In today's world of rushed deadlines and hurried lives, it's easy to forget that the Bible holds principles that provide a proper foundation for living. Habits of Highly Effective Christians reveals 17 habits that can help you lead a more fulfilling, healthy life both personally and professionally. It will challenge how you think about the way we live in the 21st century.

    Meyers wrote his book with life application in mind. He weaves his stories into each habit by providing real-life, insightful, and applicable examples. Habits of Highly Effective Christians guides you through biblical resources for creating a rich tapestry with the fibers of your own life.

    312 pages

    Add the Bible Study Guide

    A Great Tool for Growth and Discussion

    Proven to create rich discussions, Habits of Highly Effective Christians is perfect for small-group Bible studies or college classroom discussions. Meyers has also written the Habits of Highly Effective Christians Study Guide. Together, this study combo will etch biblical principles on every aspect of the lives you impact.

    Two Versions to Choose From

    Paperback Workbook (spiral-bound)
    90 pages

    Downloadable Workbook (E-Book)
    90 pages

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    Book Preview

    Achieve Your Best Possible Self

    Each habit below is hyperlinked to chapter samples.

  • Habit 1. Learn from experience.
  • Habit 2. Recognize learning opportunities
  • Habit 3. Exercise self-control
  • Habit 4. Pray according to God's agenda
  • Habit 5. Fast systematically
  • Habit 6. Handle crises constructively
  • Habit 7. Know who you are and are not
  • Habit 8. Grow in character as your marriage grows
  • Habit 9. Raise confident children
  • Habit 10. Raise obedient children
  • Habit 11. Understand personal finance
  • Habit 12. Physical health for spiritual reasons
  • Habit 13. Grasp the bigger picture
  • Habit 14. Become sensitive to contexts
  • Habit 15. Obey from the heart
  • Habit 16. Persevere tenaciously
  • Habit 17. Be intimate with your heavenly Father
  • habits-of-highly-effective-christians-cover


    Wise Words for Smart Teens
    A Teenager's Guide to a Great Life

    This book was written specifically for teens. However, others who watch breathlessly as the teens they love prepare to step across the threshold to adulthood will love this book.

    Teachers, parents, pastors, and other family members will find the stories, advice, and lessons that will take them back to the unforgettable experiences of teenage life.

    Use this book as a resource as you craft the conversations that you will have with your own children someday. Understand that the most important legacy you leave is the treasure trove of lessons you accumulate over the years. Wise Words for Smart Teens is a collaborative project by More Success Experts.

    Seventeen veteran teenagers were asked what they learned from those tough years right before they transitioned to adulthood. This book is the product of the wisdom gained from those years of experience.

    Ron Meyers is one of the contributors to Wise Words for Smart Teens.

    272 pages

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    Book Preview

    A Book for Teens That Adults Will Love

    Read the preview of Wise Words for Smart Teens. Written by seventeen veteran teenagers, Wise Words for Smart Teens is the perfect gift for the teenager in your life. It is a collection of stories, advice, and anecdotes life lessons that your teenager will enjoy.

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    About the Author

    ron-meyersRon Meyers, PhD was raised in a pioneer pastor's home. When he followed his passion for international missions work in 1973, he never imagined the rich educational curriculum God had for him. He, with his wife, Char, served more years outside the U.S. as pastors in Canada and missionaries in Korea and China than their years in the U.S. From 1996 through 2006, he served as the Professor of Missions and Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Missions program in the School of Theology and Missions at Oral Roberts University. He and Char now stay in Israel between ministry trips conducting Leadership Empowerment Conferences in Africa, Europe, and Asia.


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